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Impressions matter.

And meta.

We help your
brand, product, and service stay relevant.

Are we Spanish? Are we Hokkien? Whether you’re pronouncing DEMOJO as “demoho” or “demojio”, we can guarantee you what we are not: DEMOJO Communication is not your typical traditional advertising agency.


We’re way MORE than that.


We’re a modern-age Creative Agency that specialises in digital and experiential marketing in South East Asia. Always ready to ‘jio’ (invite) your audience and make your business resonate with them.


We’re here to help you keep up with fast-changing trends. You can count on us.


DEMOJO – Beyond The Forefront
Two things differentiate us from the rest: our fun-loving team with ‘de’ MOJO in our ‘de’NA, and our charismatic leaders Chung Chee Fei (Catalyst Director) and Derrick Tai (Experience Director) that bring sizzle to your fizzle. TL;DR We meet and exceed expectations for your brand and business.


Whether your needs include digital marketing, social media marketing, or event planning and management, we’re always on the move to DEFINE EXPERIENCE that powers up your business’s appeal. Let us do the talking, and we’ll work our magic to grow your base of loyal spending customers.


Sounds like what you need?