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Demojo’s Tabloid Tuesday – Issue #16

Every week, we will be sharing news related to the advertising industry, changes coming to our favourite social media platforms, and other relevant news which might be of interest to you! Here’s this week’s top headlines:


Microsoft is introducing a new feature inspired by Google

Microsoft will soon be introducing a new feature, ‘Circle to Copilot’, that was inspired by Google’s ‘Circle to Search’. This new feature allows users to look up more information on something by drawing a circle over the text or image. This feature will be available on Microsoft Edge.


Facebook’s high and lows from two decades

Facebook was just a network for students at a single university, but now it is one of the biggest internet platforms in the world today. Facebook first launched on February 4, 2004, as a social network known as TheFacebook, initially aimed at students at Harvard College, before gradually expanding to other universities across the US. In 2005, “The” was dropped from the name, paving the way for and by September 2006, the site was opened up to anyone aged 13 and over.


Why do so many TikTok videos don’t have sound any more

Universal Music Group (UMG) has failed to reach a licensing agreement with TikTok by 31 January 2024, so a few of the major artists like Taylor Swift, whose music has been removed from the platform. This will bring about a big change to TikTok as a lot of videos use short clips of trendy songs to participate in viral trends or make their content much more engaging. Now with many artists’ music gone from TikTok, a lot of past videos using this audio will be silent, accompanied by notices like “Sound removed due to copyright restrictions.”


That’s enough social news for now, so let’s move on over to other marketing news.


3 ways marketers can build connections on TikTok in 2024

TikTok is the next big thing in this age of digitalisation. Marketers need to know and follow the latest trends to be able to survive in the field. Firstly, marketers need to pique the curiosity of viewers. TikTok operates on random reinforcement, where the next video that they are watching could be entirely unrelated to the video that they are currently watching. This is where marketers need to create hyper-relevant and creative content to pique every curiosity.


In Other News


8 budget-friendly items you can get on Shopee to spruce up your home this CNY. This new year is just a few days away, time to decorate like there’s no tomorrow to maximise your fortune! Firstly, we need the classic red lanterns. Red is a lucky colour in Chinese culture, so by having red-coloured decorations in your home, you’re inviting good fortune in.


9 budget-friendly Valentine’s Day date ideas because dating in this economy is hard enough. What to do with all that ang pao money during Chinese New Year? Of course, it’s to save it! But, Valentine’s approaching, and you can’t miss out on spending quality time with your loved one(s). Coming up first is to plan a picnic. There’s nothing that beats having a picnic surrounded by greenery and just spending time with your favourite person while snacking. The next thing you can do is to plan an arts and crafts session. You don’t need anything fancy, just some crafty ideas, some tools to help you, and the comfort of your home. But make sure to be prepared for the mess that’s about to happen.