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Demojo’s Tabloid Tuesday – Issue #23

Every week, we will be sharing news related to the marketing industry, changes coming to our top social media platforms, and other relevant news which might be of interest to you! striving marketers Here’s this week’s top headlines:


Instagram Tests New Option To Comment On Specific Frames Within A Carousel Update

Imagine this: you’re looking through pictures of your favourite influencer’s holiday dump. You’re swiping left, and you stumble upon a picture that has you experiencing love at first sight. You want to comment on this specific picture but you can’t. Well, guess what?


Instagram has been testing this new feature that allows you to comment on specific frames within the carousel update. By commenting “@[number]”, you can leave a comment for a specific picture. The comment is then displayed along with a thumbnail of the specific post that you tagged.


This new feature can help marketers to drive more focused engagement and encourages interaction while also helping users to clear up confusion when commenting on carousel posts.

YouTube audience filter

Photo by Mario Joos on X

YouTube Tests New Audience Filters For Its Video Retention Stats

YouTube is testing new audience filters that will soon be able to let creators dig into how different segments of their audience are engaging with their content.


There are three options that creators can choose from: Subscribers and non-subscribers, New and returning viewers, Organic and paid traffic. These options will provide creators with a better understanding of their audience behaviours, and provides more ways to analyse and assess their performance on YouTube.

Google Analytics

Photo by Google Marketing Platform

Google Updates Analytics Data Tracking To Ensure Consistency With Ads

Google Analytics will be going through a change as Google facilitates more uniform data tracking across Google Ads and Analytics, with “Key Events” being implemented to replace conversions for behavioural analytics.


This change will ensure that marketers are seeing the same data labels and insights in both Google Analytics and Google Ads. In addition, if your Ads account is linked to Analytics, you will be able to see consistent conversion data in the Advertising Workplace, helping marketers to streamline measurement and optimisation. 


TikTok Publishes Guide On Lead Generation Best Practices

TikTok has partnered up with HubSpot on a new guide to effective lead generation in the app, which includes an overview of TikTok’s main lead generation options and how it works, and an overview of the ideal workflow for lead generation using TikTok’s solutions. Furthermore, there are also Lead Ads and Lead Gen Form best practices, plus creative tips and how to use CapCut to edit videos.


Phew, that’s enough social news for now, so let’s move on to other marketing news.


Embracing Neurodiversity In Marketing

There are new things scientists are discovering every day about the human brain, and it is a never ending fascination. As marketers, it is important for us to include the minority in our marketing strategies, to acknowledge neurodiversity and create a connection with it. By doing so, we help to elevate the experience for our consumers as well as create a safe space for them to be in.


In Other News


Did you ever have dreams of becoming the Pokémon master, the very best of ‘em all? Well, guess what? Oreo just released these special edition OREO Pokémon! Do you have what it takes to become the Pokémon master?


AI is so advanced now that it can create a short film with the right prompts given. You can watch Julie’s Raya Ad here to see how it turned out! What may seem to be a mistake, may be an intentional input. Be on the lookout for it!