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Demojo’s Tabloid Tuesday – Issue #24

Every week, we will be sharing news related to the advertising industry, changes coming to our favourite social media platforms, and other relevant news which might be of interest to you! Here’s this week’s top headlines:


YouTube requires creators to label ‘realistic’ AI-generated content

AI-generated content is increasingly common on social, and YouTube is the latest platform to announce changes to the ways it’s labelled. The video platform now requires creators to disclose when ‘realistic’ content – ie something viewers could mistake for a real person, place or event –  is made with altered or synthetic media, which includes generative AI.


TikTok announces changes to enable smoother shopping experiences

TikTok has announced several updates to its advertising and shopping offerings. Speaking at commerce event ShopTalk, a spokesperson for the app said it was working towards the goal of “creating the most seamless shopping experience possible for users to discover and purchase products.”


Snapchat launches AR filters

Snapchat will allow advertisers to create branded augmented reality filters on the platform. The new Sponsored AR Filters enable brands to create AR overlays that can be added to Snaps after a photo or video is captured before it’s shared.


That’s enough social news for now, so let’s move on to other marketing news.


Lamborghini revamps corporate look after two decades

Luxury sports car brand Automobili Lamborghini has revamped its logo and visual identity after over twenty years. The new logo will feature a broader Lamborghini typeface than its predecessor. The colours black and white are reconfirmed as the primary hues, while yellow, along with the introduction of the gold colour, is used as the accent colour.


In Other News


The sophistication, scale and frequency of cybersecurity threats are currently outstripping protective measures taken by companies with only 3% of organisations being categorised in the highest or mature category for cybersecurity readiness. In fact, 71% of organisations fall in the bottom two categories formative (60%) and beginner (11%).


Malaysia’s first digital bank, GXBank, is inspiring Malaysians not to sit on their dreams and turn them into reality in a new “Pocketful of dreams” campaign.