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Demojo’s Tabloid Tuesday – Issue #28

Every week, we will be sharing news related to the advertising industry, changes coming to our favourite social media platforms, and other relevant news which might be of interest to you! Here’s this week’s top headlines:


Reddit is partnering with OpenAI

Reddit is working with OpenAI to integrate information from Reddit into ChatGPT and other OpenAI projects. Firstly, OpenAI will use information from Reddit in ChatGPT to help provide more insightful answers and help users discover Reddit communities. Reddit will also be integrating new AI-powered features into the platform using OpenAI’s existing AI models. Finally, as part of the partnership, OpenAI will also become a Reddit advertising partner.


X adds new features to Communities

X is updating its Communities feature to include its own dedicated space and timeline. Communities currently have their own tab on X where users can join groups around specific topics and interests. The revamped version of Communities will include improved discovery tools, recommendations, search and sorting options.


TikTok is testing a new collaborative feature

TikTok is testing a new collaboration feature, which will enable users to tag collaborators on a post. The post will then link both tagged profiles – similar to Instagram’s collaborator tagging feature. Users will be able to invite up to five other users on a collaboration post, and those tagged will have to approve the collaboration. However, only the original poster will be able to edit the content.


That’s enough social news for now, so let’s move on to other marketing news.


ZUS Coffee’s apology regarding the adidas event failed to hit the PR mark

Malaysian coffee brand ZUS Coffee faced controversy after participating in an Adidas sports and fashion event where it served its coffee to guests. ZUS Coffee has since apologised and clarified that the giveaway was a one-off activity. In the midst of this, brands should show empathy and sincerity to maintain and rebuild the customer base, ZUS Coffee should clarify its stance, engage with the community, re-evaluate marketing and branding, and promote ethical practices. 


In Other News


Malaysia International Shipping Corporation (MISC) has partnered with Malaysian artist Haze Long to create a campaign titled “Her, As Told by Them” on International Day for Women in Maritime. The campaign features heartfelt thoughts and wishes from female seafarers’ loved ones, aiming to capture their admiration and respect. The campaign features three videos, with MISC employees at the forefront.


A new wave of youth has been creating its side of social media, from the influence of Gen Z’s values. While headlines praise Alpha’s impact on culture, this generation’s presence on the internet has led to a shift in Gen Z’s behaviour that also affects internet culture. As Gen Z becomes young adults, nihilism becomes less, and brands may need to cultivate messages that blend nihilism and earnestness.