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Raya Bersama Agnesia Case Study

The Client: 

Agnesia, a trusted antibacterial powder brand established in the 1930s, has a rich history of providing reliable medicated products. Over the years, the brand has expanded its product line to include cleansing soaps and cracked heel creams, offering consumers additional comfort and relief. Agnesia engaged Demojo Communications to manage their retainer content on social media.


Despite its long-standing presence, Agnesia has been facing challenges to solidify its position as the leading medicated powder brand in Malaysia. While the brand has a significant following within the Malay community, it is often viewed more as a nostalgic brand rather than a modern household staple. With the Raya celebration approaching, the brand seeks to regain its status as the go-to antibacterial powder brand.

Our Approach:

We launched a nostalgic Raya campaign in light of the festive season equipped with the knowledge of how Malaysians have always resonated with Raya ads. Recognising the brand’s deep ties with the Malay community, we leveraged the Raya season to reinforce Agnesia’s core values of caring and togetherness.

The Raya campaign’s central theme, “Always Loving”, was designed to highlight these values through a nostalgic lens, contrasting past and present Raya celebrations. This campaign was held by two interconnecting pillars; a music video and a Raya contest.

Launching a video production for Agnesia was no easy feat given the sheer competition we would face come Raya season. As Pirinyuang, Creative Director at Ensemble Worldwide & UM Studios, once said, “Nostalgia is the most powerful tool at our disposal to unite differences.” Inspired by this insight and Agnesia’s iconic ‘red tin’, we crafted a video that seamlessly blended modernity and tradition while staying true to Agnesia’s brand tone.

The video titled “Raya Bersama Agnesia” explored an intergenerational relationship in a family. The main character, Farah, is a busy mum near Raya season and expresses her frustration towards her son while reminiscing about the Raya celebrations when she was a little girl. The video, filled with wholesomeness and nostalgia, featured a surprising twist to keep the audience engaged until the end.

Watch the Raya Bersama Agnesia video below: