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Virtual Colouring Contest

Painting A Benchmark With Malaysia’s First Nationwide Virtual Colouring Contest

2021 was a colourful year for us at Demojo Communication, where we had the pleasure of partnering with Faber-Castell Malaysia to successfully launch the inaugural Young Artist Award (YAA), a nationwide campaign and colouring contest for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old. We have one ultimate aim: to cultivate creativity in young Malaysian talents by providing them invaluable knowledge and learning throughout the journey. The theme for the programme and colouring contest was “Better World, Better Me”, which held up the important message of preservation and sustainability to maintain our planet Earth’s ecosystem for all of life living on it.


A number of campaign collaterals were in place to initiate awareness of the programme on a nationwide scale via multiple marketing platforms. These included campaign website, social media content, and on-ground POSM such as such as wobblers, stickers, and buntings with creative visual design to capture our target audience’s attention.

Due to the worrying spike in Covid-19 cases some time in May 2021, many on-ground events were forced to be delayed, postponed, or even cancelled. The YAA programme would have been affected too if not for the quick response and effective action carried out by the event team at Demojo Communication. Immediate alternatives were planned and approved to bolster the programme’s communication, with online mediums such as interactive virtual workshops, social group approaches, and more that allowed the programme to carry on in the digital space.

The programme was exclusively conducted virtually for the contestants, with art experts sharing their knowledge in mini ‘masterclasses’ that utilised an all-rounded learning experience. The children were exposed to knowledge about conserving the environment in various virtual workshops that we conducted throughout the programme.

While the contest was conducted virtually by live streaming the contestants’ colouring activities, the submissions themselves are then submitted as digital and physical copies to guarantee the transparency of the contest. Through this arrangement, we were delighted to see the overwhelming response of the YAA, where we received a whopping 5 million online impressions and 5,000 participation. And towards the tail end of the programme, we were glad to have 21 happy winners with 2,000 audiences tuned in to catch the virtual award ceremony.

In this programme, we also had the chance to collaborate with art professionals like Sharon SS Kow.CPSA (Signature Member of Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA), Asst. Prof. Ts. Dr.Khairul Azril Bin Ismail (Director of De Institute of Creative Art & Design) and others, playing a vital role to evaluate each participant’s artwork, which portrayed YAA’s impartiality via transparency and credibility in judging each contestant’s submission. When we held the grand award ceremony online, complete with stage design that was almost as good as the real deal, audiences could barely tell it was all purely computer graphics!


This year, as the Malaysian government is preparing to relax all SOPs and reintroduce life as it were before the Covid-19 outbreak, we hope to see a new Young Artist Award in 2022 with vibrant presence in on-ground activities that will continue to delight both participants and audiences alike.


5 MIL++